We are in need of brilliant ideas and people who are willing to share them with colleagues, if you are sponsoring/organizing a training for staff in the district or are putting together your own training for staff in the district please take a moment to go through the process for submitting a training proposal.

To Submit a Proposal for Training:

  1. Complete the Staff Development Planning Form by clicking on the link

  2. Someone in Staff Development will contact you once the planning form has been submitted electronically to confirm the training. In addition, you will receive a “Room Setup” form which will need to be completed and e-mailed to Angela Phillips at angela.phillips@puhsd.org.

  3. A registration link will be placed on the staff development website and the staff development calendar will be updated to reflect the new training.

  4. Registrations are exported daily from the website at 3:45 pm, you will be emailed a list of attendees.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Angela Phillips via email or by phone at 951-943-6369 extension 81103.

Updated on by Ken Womack