The District has comprehensively and diligently worked over the past several years in the planning and design of its High School #4 project. An approximate 52 acre site has been acquired for this school and is located at the northwest corner of Wickerd and Leon Roads just east of the City of Menifee.

Initial planning for this school began with the development of forward-thinking and comprehensive educational specifications. From the inception of initial planning, it has been the primary goal to create learning environments throughout all areas of the campus that will facilitate the District’s emerging instructional and technological approaches. Special emphasis has been placed upon the creation of spaces that uniquely promote collaboration amongst the school’s students and staff. These efforts have been made possible, in large part, due to the community’s support and passage of Measure T in November 2012.

The campus master plan has been developed to accommodate approximately 2,600 students in grades 9 through 12. A wide range of facilities are planned to include small learning communities, centers for applied learning, collaboration suites and professional centers, a Student Union and adjacent Learning Commons, visual and performing arts spaces, and a diversity of physical education/athletic areas. From an overall perspective, it is the desire of the PUHSD to create a school that will become a true focal point and exciting resource within the community.

From a timing perspective, the District and Architect continue to work closely and quickly to submit the final plans to all State agencies for their review and approvals. Successful completion of these processes will enable the District to pursue any available State facility funding. In order to commence construction it will be necessary to combine future State funds with available local bond funds and developer fees. The goal continues to be to commence construction as soon as it is financially practical.

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