Middle School Students

The District has engaged its staff and community members for the past 12 months in the planning and design of a second middle school within the Perris Elementary area of the District. The significant progress that has been achieved on this project has been made possible, in large part, because of the community’s passage of Measure T in 2012. A 24 acre site has been acquired located within the City of Perris directly south of Skyview Elementary School and directly west of Patriot Park.

Innovative and student-focused educational specifications were developed for this new school and suggest a wide variety of spaces and places that will accommodate emerging instructional strategies and technologies. The desire to most effectively implement the Common Core State Standards has driven all aspects of the plan’s development. Additionally, all areas of the new school are being designed to best accommodate the widespread use of technologies as identified within the District’s Scholar Plus Technology Initiative.

The school is being designed to ultimately house approximately 1,000 students in grades 7 and 8; eventual completion of this school will enable the District to lower the enrollment at its existing Pinacate Middle School.

From a timing perspective, the District and Architect are working closely and quickly to submit the final plans to all State agencies for their review and approvals. Successful completion of these review processes will enable the District to pursue any available State facility funding. In order to commence construction it will be necessary to combine future State funds with available local bond funds and developer fees. The goal will continue to be to commence construction as soon as it is financially practical.

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